What's in my purse?

What are some things you won’t leave the house without having in your purse?

Before the pandemic and even more so now, I keep a to go pack of Clorox wipes.

To go can of Lysol

Wet ones

Hand sanitizer (lots 😆)

Gum ( spearmint EXTRA)


Perfume (my favorite right now is Tory Burch, love relentlessly)

Ponytail holders

A small first aid kit ( even if my kids aren’t hurt, they have an obsession with bandaids 🩹 lol)

Safety pins 🧷 ( holiness is right 😆)

A paddle brush

lipstick / lip balm💄

Hand cream ( my favorite right now is Satin hands from Mary Kay)


And.... of course my purses are all organized as well! I’ve added the link to the blog site so you can keep your bags organized too. I hate having to ramble to search for things. This organizer saves my life. I bought one for each of my bags. I filled them each so I don’t have to transfer everything each time I switch. Take my wallet out and go 👏🏽.

I use a sz M in the organizer for both my LV never full mm and my speedy 30 and the m fits great!



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