Weekly Mommy Mediation

As a Mom, wife, and all the other hats I wear.. I often find myself feeling depleted. Depleted? No, not YOU. Yes, me! Exhausted, in need of a vacation, and more. Drinking more coffee than Starbucks can manufacture lol. One day after my twins were born after being awake with them for hours and they still were restless. I found myself holding two infants and our oldest sleeping. I found myself in tears. I've heard the elder women say it countless of times that it takes a village to raise children, but knew what it really meant when I had my own. In tears holding and rocking my new born twins, I prayed and I pleaded with God for help. It was at that moment when God spoke to me and said, " I am your strength, I am your rock, and I am the way". May not seem like a prolific or profound word to you, but it was everything I needed to hear at that moment. Everyday since then I start my morning off with a daily meditation read or just simply meditate on a word that God has placed on my heart and it carries me through the day.

I said all of that to say, no one will fully understand the weight a Mother carries but another Mother. I know it gets hard ( especially as they get older, whew lol), but you can handle it! Join me here each week as I share a weekly word with you that God has given me specifically for US!


I’m a lover of blogs and bloggers. Truly blogs have offered me so many great ideas, a comforting reassurance that I’m not “alone” in this mothering journey, and a source of community over the past years.

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