Smothered Turkey Wings

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I prepared an easy and quick dinner to prep, throw in the oven, walk away, come back and enjoy! ”Taco Tuesday“ turned into “Turkey Tuesday” ☺️..


1 pack of fresh turkey wings





garlic clove or minced

natures seasoning or a table blend seasoning


1 onion

1-2 cups of baby carrots

2 cut russets potatoes

1 packet of Lipton dry onion soup mix

1 can of cream of celery

  1. Clean your wings thoroughly

  2. Soak them in salt water for about five min. (Just a couple pinches of salt, don’t over do it lol)

3. Pat dry

4. Place in a oven safe dish that has a lid, Season with paprika(adds a nice color) , thyme, rosemary, natures seasoning ( if you don’t have it then a table blend would suffice), pepper, and kosher salt. 5. Add cut onion

6. Add carrots and potatoes if you choose or you can skip that part. 7. Add minced garlic or one cut garlic clove

8. Cover with lid or foil and cook in oven on 300 for 3-4 hours.

9. After a few hours, mix in a bowl a packet of Lipton onion soup mix and a can of cream of celery. Use a spoon and add mixture to your turkey wings. Be gentle not to tear the skin off of your wings. The mixture will melt so don’t worry about smoothly applying it. 10. Place your dish back into the oven and let cook until mixture/ gravy is melted or golden brown. 11. Remove from oven and Voila! Enjoy


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