Seafood Bake


3-4 lobster tails

3-4 clusters of crab legs

2 pounds of Deveined shrimp

1 pack of frozen half corn on cob

3-4 cut russet potatoes

1-2 packs of smoked sausages

2-4 boiled eggs (cut in half. Sprinkle old bay and paprika for color)

4 bay leaves

3-4 tsps zatarian crab boil mix

Old bay

4 sticks of salted butter

2-3 lemon (cut)

Nature’s Seasoning



Minced garlic

Diced onion

So, some people combine everything in one large pot or bag and cook everything together. I don’t. So my way may be a bit more time consuming, but everything won’t taste the same. First;

  1. In a large pot bring about 3-4 cups of water to a boil. Add your crab boil mix, bay leaves, old bay, natures seasoning, minced garlic , half stick of salted butter, and one sliced lemon. Place your crab legs in and cover. Reduce heat so the crab legs steam. Cook for 15-20 min

  2. Season your cut potatoes with salt, pepper, melted butter ( half stick to whole. Your preference), natures seasoning, rosemary, thyme. You can add your corn with this pan to place in the oven. I cook my corn separately as well. Use the same ingredients but add old bay to corn. Cover both potatoes and corn with foil and cook on 350-365 until done.

  3. Cut sausages and brown them in a non stick pan or I prefer cooking mine in a cast iron skillet. I like the blackened look. Add chopped onion and natures seasoning for extra flavor. Cook until done. Sit aside

  4. Season shrimp with old bay, paprika, natures seasoning, and squeeze a tad bit of fresh lemon juice. Cook until done. Sit aside

  5. Lobster tails! Sooo easy to cook, but cutting them can be a chore. I designate a pair of scissors that are just for cutting lobster tails. Insert the tip of scissors into the open meaty part and snip away. Be careful not to cut through the meat. After you’ve cut all the way back to the tail use your hands and start to open it up just a bit so you can get that yummy melted butter in there. Place your lobster tails in a oven safe dish that has a lid so the meat does not dry out. In bowl melt 1 1/2 sticks of butter, sprinkle old bay, a tablespoon of minced garlic, and parsley over the butter before you melt it down. After melted pour over the lobster tails, place the lid over the tails in dish, and cook until done. You can tell when the tails are finished as the color will turn a bright orange.

  6. After all is done. In a large enough aluminum pan or if you have a dish to hold it all begin to combine everything (except boiled eggs, I add those last) in one oven safe dish. If you’re anything like me, you’re strategic about placement lol. I place a little here and there instead of dumping it all in. Leaving the lobster tails on top. Melt 2 sticks of butter with old bay, 1 tablespoon of crab boil mix, parsley, a pinch of minced garlic. Pour over your seafood bake/ boil. Place everything back into the oven for about 10-15 min

  7. Sprinkle a little parsley for garnish and VIOLA!

Note: I usually repeat the melted butter and pour in small individual dipping cups for everyone. The lobster tails and crab legs taste even yummier with a little dipping butter.


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