Healthy “Snack Box” for kids

Snack time is a great opportunity to sneak some extra nutrients into your child’s diet.

Instead of highly processed snack foods ( in which my kids occasionally indulge in) fill your child’s tummy with snacks that will provide energy and nutrition.

Studies show what most parents already know: when kids are well nourished, they perform better in school and are better equipped to fight off disease. But it sometimes seems that pleasing those picky little taste buds is easier said than done.

Now, I do allow them to indulge in their favorite snacks. Cookies, chips, and etc, but I’ve created a healthy balance in their eating routine.

During quarantine my kids are constantly snacking! It seems like every five minutes I hear , “Mommy can you fix me” “Mommy can I have some...” “Mommy, Mom, Momma” lol ....

This little “snack box” was the perfect opportunity to offer a balance to their daily snacking and have it right at their fingertips. Believe it or not they’ve gone to the “snack box” more than they’ve gone to the pantry where the Oreos and chips are.

Make healthy snacking fun for your kids. It makes a difference.


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