For the Love of Food

So, the kitchen has always been my favorite place. Mainly for eating (lol), but hey, I'm a foodie! During this quarantine I have really worked on perfecting my craft. Not only in cooking, but also in my presentation. Ahhh, how I love a yummy, yet well plated meal.

Each week here on the blog I will post a weekly recipe in detail on how I prepared it. Follow me on instagram @themillennial.mommy as I will post there to let you know the full recipe for the week is published here on the site.

I am a busy Mom, so, my meals will almost always require a quick prep time! I hope you ENJOY!


I’m a lover of blogs and bloggers. Truly blogs have offered me so many great ideas, a comforting reassurance that I’m not “alone” in this mothering journey, and a source of community over the past years.

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