Someone once said, “Comparison is the thief of Joy”...

Truthfully, we all struggle with it or have subconsciously struggled with it. And how could we not? Flashing before our eyes every day on social media are pictures of everyone’s best moment, best self, and best “story.” We know these images are momentary and do not always represent real-life as no one will show you their downfalls and disappoints, and yet we somehow permit them to seep into the crevasses of our heart and allow them to make us feel as though our lives just don’t quite measure up. None of us are exempt from the pitfall of comparison. 

We compare occupations, vehicles, vacations, and schools. We compare our accomplishments and the accomplishments of our children. We see a picture of “Sue and John”, and based on this one picture we assume that they must have the greatest marriage on earth and we began to side eye what we have.Perhaps we are even tempted to wonder what we could to differently to gain what they have. We compare our homes. We compare our clothes. We compare our bank accounts (or at least what we think might be in someone else’s). And really, there is no end to this game of comparison. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many times do you or I compare ourselves to others? How many of us even know we are doing it?

We see the perfect lives of people on facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets. They are on vacation, at the museum, buying a new car, moving into a big home, being a better mother, cooking the perfect meals, and all with their good looking, perfect husbands and children.

We then look back at our own lives and say, I am not skinny like she is. I am not aging as gracefully. I fight with my husband. I’m not a great Mother like they are. My children don’t know what to do with their lives. I drive a 10-year-old car. My life starts turning into a miserable sad R&B song. I see the lives of others and I look a little too long at what others have and I become dissatisfied with what I have.

Say to yourself “ DON’T do that!!!”

Looking back at Egypt

The Israelites suffered from this greatly. When they left Egypt and kept looking back. A spirit of complaint arose within them when they longed for the food of Egypt. Even though it was a life of slavery, the longing for what they had in Egypt eclipsed what God was providing for miraculously. If you read the verses in 1 Corinthians 10, we are given warnings not to fall as the Israelites had fallen, for when they complained it destroyed them. (see verse 10).

So what do we need to do to walk in contentment and satisfaction? Am I saying you’ll never have that dream home? You’ll never drive that fancy car you admire. You’ll never be the CEO of that Fortune 500 company... NO, but until it happens don’t allow comparison to rob you of being happy and content with what you have until you can manifest what you want!

So, as you’re scrolling the next time on social media. Don’t compare. Don’t allow someone’s present chapter dictate how you feel about the chapter you’re in now. We don’t know what they had to go through to get where they are. Quite frankly some of the most successful ones have endured so many hardships, disappointments, failures, and heartbreaks... some of us probably couldn’t even handle.

My prayer today for us all is, Lord help us be content with what we have and who we are until you manifest your promises in our lives! When the time comes our biggest flex will be that “you did it for us”!

You are amazing.

You are beautiful.

You are capable.

You are enough.

Thank you for reading ❤️

XOXO- Porshia


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