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 Hey, Mommies

I’m a lover of blogs and bloggers.  Truly blogs have offered me so many great ideas, a comforting reassurance that I’m not “alone” in this mothering journey, and a source of community over the past years. 

When I visit a mommy blog, I love to know the stories of the women writing them.  There are often twists and turns, just like in my own life, and I enjoy seeing where the writers came from and where they are in their journey now. 


As a new mommy blogger, I know how much goes into blogs (both time and courage) and I enjoy finding out why these women are motivated to put in the work.

What is The Millennial Mommy?


So what is The Millennial Mommy exactly? I’m glad you asked. Being a Mom alone is quite tasking. When you add all the other hats we wear and juggle the


load can often times be overwhelming. This is for the women who may be struggling


to juggle it all and still maintain a level of sanity.


The Millennial Mommy’s main priority is her family, her home, and her spirit. After that comes the other hats. So, The Millennial Mommy is not just me, if you are reading this, it’s you too. If not so much now, stick with me and it will be!


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